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Introducing c/side free tier BETA

We’re excited to announce the launch of c/side. Monitoring, Securing and Optimizing 3rd Party Scripts. In today's digital landscape, third-party scripts are a key part of the supply chain. Yet it is often forgotten about and therefore presents a threat. Browser Supply Chain Risks are an age old and continuing issue. C/side addresses these challenges head-on, providing insight into the script payloads delivered and active protection against JavaScript-based attacks, without impacting performance. In fact, often optimizing script performance by up-to 20%.

Why c/side?

  1. Comprehensive Monitoring:
    • Track every script request in real time.
    • Detect vulnerable resources and suspicious behaviors.
    • Receive alerts when something goes wrong.
  2. Enhanced Security:
    • Autonomous blocking of malicious scripts.
    • Offering a vast range of autonomous detection mechanisms using AI.
  3. Performance Optimization:
    • Improve script performance by up to 20%.
    • Get a faster and more secure website loading.
  4. User-Friendly Implementation:
    • Easy integration with minimal changes to existing workflows.
    • Simply install our package or inject our script to get started.

Get started today

Experience the benefits of c/side with our free tier BETA, which offers our proxy security services, script monitoring, and notifications.

For web development agencies, security consultancies, and managed service providers, our partner tier will soon be available, designed to manage multiple sites efficiently. Contact us for more information.

Stay ahead of threats and enhance your website's performance with c/side. For more information and to get started, visit or contact us.


Simon Wijckmans